Local internet marketing vs online MLM

Who wins this battle?  Well, if you’ve been following any of my posts here on AFPLWatch.com, it’s an easy answer: local takes the cake, the frosting, and the sprinkles.  Heck, almost anything you could do online to make an income would trump internet-based MLM companies.  The reason is simple: limited demand made worse by excess supply.

But with local?  As my mentor taught me?  It’s game over.  Anyone with a basic understanding of digital marketing can step in and absolutely crush it.  If you know how to piece together a drag-and-drop Weebly site, guess what?  You’re valuable to Billy the builder and Susie the salon owner.  If you can do simple citations – or even outsource them – same thing: Paul the plumber and George the gutter guy both need you as well.  And if you can rank in Google?  Then Dr. Chaudhry the dentist and Kirby the kitchen remodel specialist will be thrilled to hand you over a nice monthly recurring fee for you skills.

I started generating leads for local businesses under the schooling of my coach, who walked me through the process A to Z using a client he has who does radiator repair back in Sioux City, Iowa.  You can see his logo here:


About the notorious SEO specialist, Matt Trainer

Matt Trainer is the guy who spearheaded Team WUKAR.  But what’s his background story?  Where did this dude come from?  Any why, if he’s such a stud, have you probably never heard about him before now?  Good questions.  I did a little digging, as I had the same thoughts myself.  He’s definitely a fly-under-the-radar type […]