Welcome to my new DubLi blog

Hey there, just wanted to write up a quick post here and welcome you to my brand-spanking-new Dubli website.  I’ll be talking about, well, Dubli.  Doy.  Am I a member of DubLi?  Nope.  Do I plan on joining?  Heck no.  So why create this blog?  Good question.  I’ll tell you why.  Because I spit the truth – and I won’t stop ’til I get ‘em in their birthday suit.  Wait.  I think that was from a Ludacris rap song.  Oops.

In all seriousness, there’s one throbbing reason (if a reason can “throb,” that is) I’m here typing these words: TRAFFIC.

So hot right now…

You can’t deny it, DubLi is catching fire and there are lots of people jumping on this hype train each and every day, unfortunately.

I say it’s unfortunate because I used to be involved with something similar and I’m speaking from experience when I tell you it’s all smoke and mirrors, man.  The company, the compensation plan, the “hook” they’re using–none of it matters.  These digital MLM deals play out the same way every damn time.  The elite marketers like Matt Trainer, John Lavenia and Tony Rush will reach out and grab commissions left, right and center… while everyone else?  Simply builds out the bottom of the pyramid.  Sad, but true.