Cashback? Are you on crack?

So DubLi claims to have this ah-mazing cashback program, where you basically get paid (or receive discounts) to shop like you already are.  Hmm.  Sounds too good to be true, if you ask me.  Their website says you get paid to travel, shop online and use coupons.  Again, I say, “Hmm!”  My primary problem with this is that the only reason I’ve ever even heard of Dubli is because of spammy network marketers spamming my inbox with hype about how much money there is to make if I’d only “click this link” and “join Team WUKAR today.”  So why–assuming the product is what they claim it is–wouldn’t I have heard of this from, oh I dunno, maybe my mom?  Or sister?  Or wife?  All of whom love to find and take advantage of deals online.  Doesn’t that seem a little strange that they’d need to resort to a high-pressure MLM model to spread this “no-brainer” product?  I mean, if it was such a no-brainer, it’d spread like wildfire with all the social networking and instant word-of-mouth that the internet affords us today.  Am I right?  Or am I right here?

My mentor, Brad, wrote an article on DubLi and shares the same stance.  He put this video at the top:

… which basically says, hey, same story, different day.  Dubli, Empower Network, they’re all the same.  And come with the same “baggage.”  Namely, way too competitive and not enough room for more than a few percent of affiliates to cash-in.  There are 3 reasons he feels this way:

  1. There’s only a very small subsection of home-based business builders who are even open to such a high-priced, hype-filled program like DuBli.
  2. The ace marketers, like Tony, John and Matt, will saturate this small pocket of people long before you come in and try to get yours.
  3. The government will probably shut this thing down, if it gets too out of control.

Do the right thing.  Don’t get involved with get rich quick projects that will only leave you with a huge credit card tab to show for your trials and efforts.  Instead, build a business that you can feel good about and one that will stand the test of time–not something that is here today and gone tomorrow.

“These internet-based opportunities have a lifespan of 1-2 years, max.  After that?  They all die a slow death and Mr. Guru simply launches the next best thing.”

That’s my take, anyhow.  If you have questions, don’t be afraid to reach out.

About the notorious SEO specialist, Matt Trainer

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